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Juggernaut CRM 2.8 Highlights

May 19, 2015 // Posted by Emily K.

Here’s a quick look at some of the new and improved features in the latest release v2.8:


  • Sales rep Activity Report updated to include emails logged - Sales managers can now get a broad overview of sales activities, including emails.

  • Cold call revamp - Assign multiple reps to a list (“Queue”) that prompts each rep with the next call on the list. Once a rep has called a contact and logged it, that contact is tied to that particular rep.

  • Built in fields for lead status and lead source - Track your leads without having to create a dynamic attribute special for your process. Set these brand new fields up in your admin button.

  • Quickbook online integration - It is now possible to integrate the system directly with QuickBooks Online. This allows for systematic push of company, order and invoice/payment data to QB Online (i.e. it is automated!).

  • Call center API - “Twilio” - Forget dialing from your phone with our new third-party integration that allows you to make calls within your system. Twilio will actually record your calls too! Setup your Twilio account here.

  • Search for your Vendors similar to contact search - Find your trusted vendors quicker with a few simple filters.

  • Append Contacts to your mailing lists - Add new leads to your mailing lists right from a contact search.

  • Brand new contact type - When you add contacts to your system you now have an array of functionality available to you such as: Grant client center access, Associate Terms and Conditions, and Create Registration E-mail Templates.

  • Prepaid orders - Identify an order as ‘Prepaid’ to receive payments into the cash account for that order. You can then apply payments automatically to invoices tied to that order when they are created.   


We hope you enjoy these improvements! As always, we love feedback from our users. Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what would make your life easier by clicking the question mark button to the left of the Global Search bar on your JCRM home page.